About Us

Here in the depths of the southern hemisphere - we call the hospitality industry ‘Hospo’.

Yep, we have a knack of simplifying things whenever possible, definitely. Defo.

At MightyGem, we love simplicity. So it came to pass when a bunch of longterm hospo guys decided it was time to simplify a big problem in the industry - getting real, genuine feedback from customers.

Listening to your customers is crucial for success and with the rise of user review sites, it’s harder than ever to get direct and private feedback from your customers.

Our mission is to cut out all the noise, and reconnect businesses with their customers with a simple private and direct feedback channel.

We believe hospo should always be awesome and want to give something back to the industry to help it to thrive. Defo.

Jock Dalby
Co-founder | CEO

Our very own English gent on the ground, Jock’s a hospo guy through and through, with over 12 years managing bars and restaurants in the UK, Australia, and NZ. He’s also co-owner of a craft beer bar & restaurant, and brings his inside knowledge and expertise to the MightyGem table.

Hamish Dreyer
Co-founder | COO

This Kiwi fella has over 15 years’ design experience working with clients from around the world, including the UK, Europe and the US. When not obsessing about UX design or whether or not that pixel is in just the right place, Hamish loves testing MightyGem in the field.

Warwick Horton
Co-founder | CTO

This Aussie boy (we won’t hold it against him) is a 20-year veteran and startup survivor. A full-stack developer with bags of international experience who thrives on the buzz of an early stage startup. Woz handles all things 010110011 with absolute gusto. Worldy, wise and wizardly.